Thursday, December 9, 2010

.w.h.o. .i.s. .s.h.e.?.?.

I feel lost

But the someone who always by my side

Have you ever find a boy who love you more than your best friend do?

I don’t have any one

But I have a bestfriends who always care for me

She make my life full

She buy me food when I feel so lazy

She waited for me everytime she could

Even I hurt her, I mad at her

She never complain and always stay by my side

I was really so touched for what had she done for me for almost three years

But I just can pray for her happiness, healthy and successful

I can be a perfect  friends for either

I just can be the one who can make her laugh and make her day filled with smile

Even my weakness abandoned me

I become more stronger than before because I had ‘her’ by my side

It easy to make a friendship but it not easy to find the best one like I do now

Who her? 

Let only me know it

When I get mad at you

It doesn’t mean I hate you

But I care for you

Im not the one who know how to show the way to care

And sometime when I get comfortable with someone

I can’t control my temper smoothly

From  now, I try my best to put you in successful with me

Never let  you fall by yourself without I guide you

Never let you weak with your own shadow

I will be your super duper bestfriend forever as Allah want me to do it so

Because you are the one that I borrow from Allah

InsyaAllah we will be the best daughter as we try to be for our parents

Thank for your mother for giving birth you

You are just like your father who love to smile

Just like your mother who always care for the one you love

I may lost my friends but I hope that I never lost you..:)

there a song for you...

p/s:to all my old friends..sorry for abandoned you all...:(

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