Friday, February 22, 2013

10 Rabiulakhir 1413

the first time I remember the day I was born in this world,
after 21 years I live,
10 Rabiulakhir 1434=21 February 2013,
today is also my friends birthday,
linda and yus,
but not in Hijrah.

I just feel so calm,
like always,
no one remember,
and I also don't in the past,
start today,
I will remember my own,
and my futures too.

I'm try my best to give,
even though I can't meet them anymore,
Ya Allah,
forgive them,
less their punishment in that small and dark place,
they once,
my only precious,
that I don't even have a chance,
to thank for being my precious,

I will be better,
I will have a good heart,
I will lower my gaze,
I will listen YOU,
I will try.

A'ish Thought.