Sunday, December 12, 2010

.l.o.v.e. .f.o.r.m.u.l.a.

i got it from someone....:)

To all those people who are single and searching,

To all those who desperately looking for some one to love en love them

To all those who are looking for a life time partner the father or mother to their children,

To all the young men and woman who know that their comes a time when single life bores and marriage is the next step in their lives

To all those who have lost love and know one day it will return,

Here is a formula to help you get there in time.  

Step one: Who are you?
Do you know who u are? Mainly when you are alone at night, in your bed who are you?
When no one is watching, like when you are in the loo (their say this is the best place to think about one self) who are you there? That person who is you are, is the person who is going to sustain a relationship with another people.

First know who you are and then you will be able to know what you want in a partner. 

Step two: What do you want?
When you know what you want then you will your priorities in life and what you want in it. Like what you want in a partner. This knowledge you have acquired about your self is the compass to the promised land of future life. This gives you the direction to go when looking for a life time partner that person that keep almost awake at night, the person you always dream of.

It is like looking for something you already know is out there due to the description you have with you. Thus you have narrowed down you search engine and have a specify person you are looking for. It adds purpose to your life and also shows your maturity, advancement in life and knowledge.
You should invest this time in finding out what you want other than just driving in like that cause you will land on some one who will terminate your life for ever because of lack of focus.

Step three: Take time and write down what you want and who you are.
These two things move together what you are determines what you want in life.
So sit down and write who you are or who you think you are or what you found out you are and what you want to be. This provides you will the help you need with building your character and self esteem.
After the above writing, now write down what you want in that partner draw guidelines which will help you in your search. This is like putting your desires in a contract and signing it to abide by and be faithful to it, u will definitely yield to it and I say God will honor it for you and the universe will honor it too. An added advantage is writing down the hanging place where you think that person would probably be hanging and so you get a good start at searching.

Step four: Never compromise
Compromise destroys reputation and personal progress because you are always breaking your only rulers which you made to govern you.

The freedom you feel with compromise is not promising to yield what you want but a betrayal to what you set down as your guideline to yield what you want. You tend to date the wrong people who are not what you want in a partner. These tend to have few of the qualities you stated down but they are not exactly what you want. This wastes your time and energy and gives you a lot of heart breaks. Try not to compromise, it is not easy cause most of the time there is always one quality missing but have patience my friends and faith.  What you want is coming just give it time it will be here. But if you compromise it will take a lot of time to appear because you already have someone and you will miss the love of your life or she or he will pass you by.

Step five: Pray
All of us pray about many things but never take time to pray for our future husbands, wives, and children. We tend to just except God to just provide because we think he has too. No God will provide if you ask of him, as I think even Adam in his heart told God he was lonely and God saw it so he made Eve for him. So tell God about your hearts desires and present to him the qualities of that person you want to love and cherish for ever. ask him to help you get that person u want like you ask for food, life every day also ask for love, because he who provides life also provides love. And God knows who that person is the one meant for you alone or he can even mode that person for you in character and nature. As you pray also consultant him about who you are and who u want to be don’t forget who you want as your partner. He will make you who you want to be and definitely make you that partner.

So go out there and start looking for that person, dnt locks your self up that she or he will come to you, no go out and look for him or her with faith you will find. Try out the places u think he or she will be hanging, position your self in that place so that they don’t pass u by.

Remember love grows u might think u will just fall in love with that person there and then which is possible but sometimes it just grows with time as u see each other more. Pray for the love to grow because that is your right person. many of you want love at first sight alone but if it not on your list of wants then leave it a lone, focus on the rest and even when it on your list just remember falling in love and being in love are totally different things (lessons for another time).

p/s:just care an concern to her/him but give them some freedom..:)

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