Sunday, December 12, 2010

.a.p.a. .s.e.b.e.n.a.r.n.y.a. .r.a.s.a. .c.i.n.t.a.

bila tonton cerita korea
fulamak jiwang habis sampai aku punya feel pon lebih

sometime the boy willing die for the one he love
sometime both of the unknowingly fall in love to each other
sometime the girl very poor and the boy was born in luxury
sometime one of them is dying because they sick
sometime the boy an artist
even the story is fantasy
but the girl out there love korean damn much
because the hero is handsome and heroin is beautiful

but what the mean of love?

i thought about it everytime i see they are happy because in love

because i doesn't had experience truly fall in love with boy

but i like many boys

some of them are my friends and also the people i dont know 

had you ever cry because a boy?

i do

but it not exactly because of them

because myself

how stupid i am right

and the experience make me stronger

you know why i didn't call it love?

it because

i never willing to die for a boy

i cant find a boy who can make me really want to change

and i also cant find a boy who better than my two brother


but there a boy who can make me smile whole days

there a boy who can make my heart beats faster but i have to stay away from him because maybe one day i easy to get heart attack

there a boy who handsome but they just be my eyes food

p/s:saying "i love you" million times doesn't prove that he/she love you enough because our parent say it rarely in lifetime but they would sacrifice everyting for us...think it by urself..

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