Sunday, December 26, 2010

.t.h.e. .m.e.m.o.r.y.

this post specially to all "5KA1-rians"

najwa ayu sarah pipoh kamil seni aiman taqi
mira iyli safa killa lan arif wadi atim
anis yaqin muni ida adi nyoh syakir matden
jee izah mida mekcoh ella wani pokrod kerol
farah adah una
how can i forget this class?
from day to day we never heard anything from each other
some of us go to the north and also to the south
but those memory remain
when this picca appears 
i'm really sure our hearts never forget each other

p/s: serius aku xleh lupa korang sampai bila2....aku harap kita semua boleh jumpa balik bila masing2 dah berjaya or bila korang2 dah ada "cucu"....hahaha let reaching to the star together! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

.l.o.v.e. .f.o.r.m.u.l.a.

i got it from someone....:)

To all those people who are single and searching,

To all those who desperately looking for some one to love en love them

To all those who are looking for a life time partner the father or mother to their children,

To all the young men and woman who know that their comes a time when single life bores and marriage is the next step in their lives

To all those who have lost love and know one day it will return,

Here is a formula to help you get there in time.  

Step one: Who are you?
Do you know who u are? Mainly when you are alone at night, in your bed who are you?
When no one is watching, like when you are in the loo (their say this is the best place to think about one self) who are you there? That person who is you are, is the person who is going to sustain a relationship with another people.

First know who you are and then you will be able to know what you want in a partner. 

Step two: What do you want?
When you know what you want then you will your priorities in life and what you want in it. Like what you want in a partner. This knowledge you have acquired about your self is the compass to the promised land of future life. This gives you the direction to go when looking for a life time partner that person that keep almost awake at night, the person you always dream of.

It is like looking for something you already know is out there due to the description you have with you. Thus you have narrowed down you search engine and have a specify person you are looking for. It adds purpose to your life and also shows your maturity, advancement in life and knowledge.
You should invest this time in finding out what you want other than just driving in like that cause you will land on some one who will terminate your life for ever because of lack of focus.

Step three: Take time and write down what you want and who you are.
These two things move together what you are determines what you want in life.
So sit down and write who you are or who you think you are or what you found out you are and what you want to be. This provides you will the help you need with building your character and self esteem.
After the above writing, now write down what you want in that partner draw guidelines which will help you in your search. This is like putting your desires in a contract and signing it to abide by and be faithful to it, u will definitely yield to it and I say God will honor it for you and the universe will honor it too. An added advantage is writing down the hanging place where you think that person would probably be hanging and so you get a good start at searching.

Step four: Never compromise
Compromise destroys reputation and personal progress because you are always breaking your only rulers which you made to govern you.

The freedom you feel with compromise is not promising to yield what you want but a betrayal to what you set down as your guideline to yield what you want. You tend to date the wrong people who are not what you want in a partner. These tend to have few of the qualities you stated down but they are not exactly what you want. This wastes your time and energy and gives you a lot of heart breaks. Try not to compromise, it is not easy cause most of the time there is always one quality missing but have patience my friends and faith.  What you want is coming just give it time it will be here. But if you compromise it will take a lot of time to appear because you already have someone and you will miss the love of your life or she or he will pass you by.

Step five: Pray
All of us pray about many things but never take time to pray for our future husbands, wives, and children. We tend to just except God to just provide because we think he has too. No God will provide if you ask of him, as I think even Adam in his heart told God he was lonely and God saw it so he made Eve for him. So tell God about your hearts desires and present to him the qualities of that person you want to love and cherish for ever. ask him to help you get that person u want like you ask for food, life every day also ask for love, because he who provides life also provides love. And God knows who that person is the one meant for you alone or he can even mode that person for you in character and nature. As you pray also consultant him about who you are and who u want to be don’t forget who you want as your partner. He will make you who you want to be and definitely make you that partner.

So go out there and start looking for that person, dnt locks your self up that she or he will come to you, no go out and look for him or her with faith you will find. Try out the places u think he or she will be hanging, position your self in that place so that they don’t pass u by.

Remember love grows u might think u will just fall in love with that person there and then which is possible but sometimes it just grows with time as u see each other more. Pray for the love to grow because that is your right person. many of you want love at first sight alone but if it not on your list of wants then leave it a lone, focus on the rest and even when it on your list just remember falling in love and being in love are totally different things (lessons for another time).

p/s:just care an concern to her/him but give them some freedom..:)

.l.o.v.e. .d.o.e.s.n.'.t. .e.x.i.s.t.

some people told love doesn't exist

it is true or because they had experience get dumped by someone they love

qoute <3

Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours.

I was born the day I met you, lived a while when you loved me, died a little when we broke apart.

Loving someone that doesn't love you is like reaching for a star - 
You know you'll never reach it but you just got to keep trying. 

It amazes me so that we enter a relationship whole and leave it only a half.

Love that remains longest in your heart is the one that is not returned.

Trying to make someone love you even at the last moment of your life.

If I were granted three wishes, they would be You, Me, Us.

You should be arrested for murder, because you took my life away from me.

Just for this one night I will not think about you. I will have fun, and laugh again. And enjoy every minute. Tomorrow I will deal with the hangover

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go

You can't ever let go of all the feelings, But you need to let go of him

Time must be healing my broken heart, as I now know this... Your opinions of me were wrong - I am not that bad. My opinions of you were wrong, too - you weren't all that great.

A break up is like a broken mirrior. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.

How many tears must I shed to cleanse myself of you?

.a.p.a. .s.e.b.e.n.a.r.n.y.a. .r.a.s.a. .c.i.n.t.a.

bila tonton cerita korea
fulamak jiwang habis sampai aku punya feel pon lebih

sometime the boy willing die for the one he love
sometime both of the unknowingly fall in love to each other
sometime the girl very poor and the boy was born in luxury
sometime one of them is dying because they sick
sometime the boy an artist
even the story is fantasy
but the girl out there love korean damn much
because the hero is handsome and heroin is beautiful

but what the mean of love?

i thought about it everytime i see they are happy because in love

because i doesn't had experience truly fall in love with boy

but i like many boys

some of them are my friends and also the people i dont know 

had you ever cry because a boy?

i do

but it not exactly because of them

because myself

how stupid i am right

and the experience make me stronger

you know why i didn't call it love?

it because

i never willing to die for a boy

i cant find a boy who can make me really want to change

and i also cant find a boy who better than my two brother


but there a boy who can make me smile whole days

there a boy who can make my heart beats faster but i have to stay away from him because maybe one day i easy to get heart attack

there a boy who handsome but they just be my eyes food

p/s:saying "i love you" million times doesn't prove that he/she love you enough because our parent say it rarely in lifetime but they would sacrifice everyting for us...think it by urself..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

.w.h.o. .i.s. .s.h.e.?.?.

I feel lost

But the someone who always by my side

Have you ever find a boy who love you more than your best friend do?

I don’t have any one

But I have a bestfriends who always care for me

She make my life full

She buy me food when I feel so lazy

She waited for me everytime she could

Even I hurt her, I mad at her

She never complain and always stay by my side

I was really so touched for what had she done for me for almost three years

But I just can pray for her happiness, healthy and successful

I can be a perfect  friends for either

I just can be the one who can make her laugh and make her day filled with smile

Even my weakness abandoned me

I become more stronger than before because I had ‘her’ by my side

It easy to make a friendship but it not easy to find the best one like I do now

Who her? 

Let only me know it

When I get mad at you

It doesn’t mean I hate you

But I care for you

Im not the one who know how to show the way to care

And sometime when I get comfortable with someone

I can’t control my temper smoothly

From  now, I try my best to put you in successful with me

Never let  you fall by yourself without I guide you

Never let you weak with your own shadow

I will be your super duper bestfriend forever as Allah want me to do it so

Because you are the one that I borrow from Allah

InsyaAllah we will be the best daughter as we try to be for our parents

Thank for your mother for giving birth you

You are just like your father who love to smile

Just like your mother who always care for the one you love

I may lost my friends but I hope that I never lost you..:)

there a song for you...

p/s:to all my old friends..sorry for abandoned you all...:(

Saturday, December 4, 2010

.a.d.a.k.a.h. .a.k.u. .a.d.a. .u.n.t.u.k. .h.a.r.i. .e.s.o.k.

bila munculnya malam

aku takut untuk tidur

takut akan kenyataan yang bakal aku hadapi

adakah aku bersedia?

adakah aku mampu

aku takut menjadi si buta yang tidak lagi mampu hayati keindahanNYA

aku takut menjadi si bisu yang tidak mampu menyebut namaNYA

aku takut menjadi si pekak yang tidak boleh mendengar kalimah-kalimah suciNYA

aku takut menjadi si cacat yang tidak boleh menadah doa untuk mohon keampunan dariNYA

aku takut menjadi si cacat yang tidak boleh melangkah ke rumahNYA

aku takut menjadi si amnesia yang tidak boleh mengingati keagungan ciptaanNYA

dan paling aku takuti

menjadi makhluk yang tidak sempat bertaubat tapi sudah kembali kepadaNYA

aku manusia kerdil

aku punya perasaan takut

aku cuba atasi semampuku

DIA memakbulkan apa yang aku cuba


KAU maha pemurah

setiap hari KAU memakbulkan doaku

KAU memanjangkan umurku, orang tersayangku

KAU melimpahkan rezeki yang tiada tolok bandingnya

KAU bahagiakan orang disampingku

KAU pelihara kesihatan kecintaanku

bila aku fikir aku menangis

kadang-kadang aku lupa apa yang aku ada

aku mahukan lebih dari yang KAU kurniakan

sedangkan apa yang KAU pinjamkan semua terlalu cukup bagiku

hamba yang tidak sesetia Muhammad S.A.W.

tidak sepatuh Yusuf A.S.

tidak setaat Musa A.S.

tidak sekuat Yaakob A.S.

tidak seteguh Ibrahim A.S.

tidak sekental Nuh A.S.

kadangkala teringin menjadi seperti Saidatina Aishah

apatah lagi Saidatina Khadijah

tapi aku dilahirkan sebagai Siti Aishah

aku akan cuba jadi yang terbaik

aku selalu ada kesedaran

tapi aku tidak berubah sepenuhnya

aku mungkin berubah tapi hanya 5% dari kesedaran itu




aku tiada untukmu selamanya

aku mungkin pendengar setia

aku bagi ayat yang pelik tapi bermakna

tapi aku punya masalah sendiri

aku takut menghadapi hari esok

aku bersyukur aku masih mampu melihat keindahan ciptaanmu di malam hari, bintang di malam hari

matahari terbenam

matahari terbit

p/s:seseorang itu takkan kuat kalau tidak menghadapi rasa takutnya..dan dia takkan memahami hidup jika dia tidak pernah berhadapan dengan masalah dunia...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

.m.a.k. .m.o.m. .m.u.m.m.y. .u.m.i.


kau bukan bidadari yang turun dari syurga..

kau juga bukan puteri yang asal dari kayangan..

kau adalah permata yang menerangi pintu hatiku supaya aku setabahmu..

when i look at this picca

the memory when you hug me plays smoothly

im sorry for being a stubborn when i was a little child

im not good enough like myself now

you raise me to be a great daughter

now i can see in your perception as a mother even i dont have a children


i scared to be a mother

because i believe in karma 'what you give, you will get back'

when i was a child

sometimes i listen to myself without thinking the effect

but now i realise

better think before do something even it was simple decision


if i can choose

i want to be born again

i want to be a great daughter as you want

keep hearing you words

know how to taking care of i myself

to be always there for you everytime when your other children cant

never hurt yourself with my uncontrol anger

can protect you from any danger

but it just my imagination only

i thank to Allah because change me when i started know the meaning of LOVE


you are so precious to me


be a mother was a super great thing in woman life

i want to be one of them one day

but it not easy as ABC


the world was really changed

it not easy to raise a children

Allah give me a strength to be mother as you give it to my lovely mother FATIMAH BINTI AHMAD

please long life her

because i need her when i be a mother and forever


you are my love at first sight

i love you when i was born until now '02 Decemeber 2010' and forever

saya bukan anak yang sempurna

tapi saya cuba jadi terbaik

saya tak boleh janji apa-apa

tapi saya tahu saya sayang mak

saya hidup bukan selamanya

tapi mak hidup dalam hati saya selamanya

saya mungkin lupa siapa mak saya

tapi darah saya takkan lupa darah asalnya

saya mungkin cinta dunia

insyaAllah saya cinta Allah dengan nyawa saya

mak sangat indah walau dah tua

sebab mak ciptaanNYA

saya cuba mak

apa yang saya mampu

saya mungkin tak mampu tunjuk sayang saya dengan peluk mak tiap-tiap hari

tapi saya mampu doa mak panjang umur setiap hari

saya mungin tak mampu call mak hari-hari

tapi saya mampu doa keselamatan mak sepanjang hari

saya mungkin tak mampu cakap depan-depan "saya sayang mak"

tapi hati saya mampu ucap "saya sayang mak" tak kira jauh atau dekat saya ngan mak

terima kasih mak sebab lahirkan saya

sebab kandungkan saya 9bulan 10hari

sebab sekolahkan saya

sebab masak untuk saya

sebab mendidik saya dengan cara mak sendiri

sebab faham saya seorang remaja

sebab terima saya seadanya

saya saya saya saya saya saya saya saya





p/s:some people told me butterfly is beautiful but to me mothers heart is super beautiful..

i love the way you mad at me..