Monday, November 15, 2010

.h.e. .h.i.m. .h.i.s.

make me love music then i can be easily in love with you~~ ♥

but when i start love music im sure be crazy

crazy on you

when i got crazy my heart will hurt

hurt when missing you

because i know you was born not for me

but for her

what i can do?

crying all the night without knowing i was born to someone else

i will not do that 

because i only losing you

not my life

supporting you is my choice

whoever you choose

i will love her the way i love you

and now!

i still waiting

waiting a 'boy' from HIM

someone told me

"you must find it when you in university"

but i?

im really tired of being involved in the fake love

i will keep waiting and pray

HE give me a 'boy' who accept me as I myself

who love HIM more he love me

who took care of his mother more than he care me

who make his family happy as i do

who understand his friend more than i understand him

who smile when i get angry

but im tired to keep hoping

so i was waiting the day you come

i will as long as i could

so when my friend asking me

"single?" "do you have boyfriend?"

i only told them "i dont like to play that"

because it was not a game to me

love is the great thing that every person ever had

love is sharing emotion inside of our heart

"cinta dicari pasti pergi, cinta sejati kekal abadi"

adapted from cuti-cuti cinta film

p/s: credict this to jaja lala because I ambik literacy, dia cakap sama je dengan literature....hehehe <3

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