Thursday, February 3, 2011

.k.e.e.p. .i.t. .a.s. .a. .s.e.c.r.e.t.

everytime i like someone

for sure he not my type..huhh

it make my life hard

only can look at him from far...

serious my type is good boy but what my heart type always bad boy...

this is not love, it just a feeling i had when i am lonely..

i hope so..

and i wish the time will move faster so i can get rid this stupidos thing

two weeks he's not around

i felt empty

but this stupidos thing make me stronger

i always keep being myself

not someone else

when i look the past

yeahh im totally changed

im not the girl that make her life destroyed only for the person that she like..

now i always thinking better than the past

and i hope the girl out there

please think before you be too desperate

it will make you regret for a lifetime

because i had gone through with that

when you like someone please keep it as a secret

not too desperate because boy doesnt like people who are annoying...

sometime i hope that i doesnt have any feeling when seeing the boy

but if that happen

i doesnt have life

p/s:girl just being urself... if u love someone just tell him but if you scared please dont make the boy you love feel annoying...dont tell to the friend that you cant trust about it because they will make it annoying...if you really scared just keep it as secret...and you will find you do a greatest thing in your life even it very hard for you to overcome it....

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