Friday, December 28, 2012

thought when friends getting married.

I know when the day comes, 
I'm the first one shed tears seeing my father let me go to my other half. 
I always wonder, 
is my other half will call me when I'm not coming back before Maghrib?
is he will buy me all the foods that I want to eat? 
is he will be over protective? is he will call me princess? 
is he will accept all my bad behaviors  is he will let me be his accountant? 
Then I will look at my mother. 
Dear mom, 
your daughter will be a wife. 
can I wake up 6 at the morning? 
can I iron my other half clothes for years? 
can I cook a nice foods for him? 
can I be Solehah wife? 
can I control my bad temper? 
can I control my jealousy? .

p/s: 3.00am on 28 December 2012

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